Governing Documents Amendments & Restatements

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Governing Documents Amendments & Restatements

Our attorneys have substantial experience in interpreting, enforcing, drafting, amending and restating all levels of homeowner association governing documents. We have particular expertise in updating older CC&Rs and bylaws to bring these documents into compliance with current statutes and legal trends; to eliminate outdated provisions; to streamline, clarify and modernize the association’s operations; and to reflect current community sentiment and goals. We guide our clients on issues of governing document compliance to ensure that actions taken by the Board will be legal and successful.

In addition to revisions and restatements to CC&Rs and bylaws, we also assist our association clients with creating and updating operating rules such as architectural guidelines, disciplinary policies, water intrusion policies, solar panel guidelines, electric vehicle charging station policies, election rules and any other operating rules and policies needed by our homeowner association clients.

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