Assessment Collections

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Assessment Collections

Assessments are the economic lifeblood of homeowners associations, and delinquencies impact the entire community. Wasserman Kornheiser Combs LLP provides full collections services, from intent to lien letters through judicial and nonjudicial foreclosures, providing and enforcing payment plans, as well as prosecuting court actions to obtain and enforce money judgments. All of our work is in strict compliance with the Davis Stirling Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Rosenthal Act, and other applicable laws. Our attorneys are certified bankruptcy filers with substantial experience advising our board members throughout a delinquent owner’s bankruptcy case. Our post-judgment collections skillset is comprehensive, and our clients’ full recovery of delinquent assessments, costs, and attorneys’ fees is our top priority.

We are also thoroughly versed in the assisting our clients with crafting, implementing and maintaining collections policies to ensure that collections efforts can be defended when challenged.

Often assessment delinquency can be related to other issues with an owner or a property. We take a holistic approach with collections in order to resolve not just a delinquent account but other connected problems.

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